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April 28, 2020 chadh

Accenting Newly Painted Cabinets

It’s All in the Details

The pristine look of freshly painted cabinets is a joy all its own. But adding just the right accents can take your kitchen to a completely new level. The following suggestions will help you add the “wow factor” to your kitchen as you maximize the beauty of your newly painted cabinetry.

Two toned kitchen design.


1. Replace Cabinet Hardware

Re-using scuffed or scratched hardware after a fresh paint job will quickly diminish the overall beauty of your kitchen. Make room in your budget for new hardware as well.

Kitchen cabinet hardware.  Kitchen island sink and faucet.

Knobs, pulls, and hinges come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, so it’s important to determine up front if you want your hardware to blend in or stand out. Gold hardware is trending, with its warm patina and soft glow adding a classic yet understated touch.

Accenting your cabinets with subtle edge pulls creates a seamless look. While minimalist hardware is most prevalent, you can customize your kitchen according to your own personal taste.


2. Opt for Two-Toned Cabinets

If you prefer a burst of color in their kitchen, two-toned cabinets are the perfect choice. You can play with color in a variety of ways.

Kitchen with green lower om cabinets & white top cabinets. Blue lower cabinets & white top cabinets.

Consider accenting an all-white kitchen with a slate gray island for added warmth. Or paint your lower cabinets sleek black and leave the upper cabinets white for a crisp, modern feel.

Jewel tones have recently added punch to a traditionally neutral palette; sapphire blue, ruby red, and emerald green add a daring splash of color for those who are bored with the monochromatic look of yesterday.


3. Install Glass-Front Cabinets

While open shelving continues in popularity, glass-front cabinets are making a comeback.

Yellow glass-front kitchen cabinets. Gray glass-front kitchen cabinets.

The interior can be painted the same shade as the cabinets for a coherent look or painted a contrasting color to emphasize your displayed items. Vintage bowls, wooden cutting boards, graphic cookbooks, or hand thrown pottery catch the eye and remain dust free when displayed behind glass.

Whether you replace one section of cabinetry with glass or take on all the upper cabinets, adding personal touches offers opportunity to introduce character and originality to your kitchen.



4. Replace Countertops and Backsplash

When hiring a contractor to paint your cabinets, it is likely that your existing counter tops and backsplash will not match your new color scheme, so it’s worth budgeting a little extra to update them as well. 

Marble kitchen backsplash. Brick kitchen backsplash.

This is the perfect opportunity to create a whole new atmosphere by incorporating bright white subway tile with boldly patterned marble counters or a geometric backsplash with soft gray granite.

A quick rule of thumb: not everything can be the “star” of the show, because they will end up competing for attention. Our advice? Focus on how you want to incorporate color, textures, and patterns into your new kitchen to create a cohesive flow.

Final Thoughts

Details matter, and if you’ve invested in having your kitchen cabinets professionally painted, you will want to highlight them by considering all the little ways they can be accented for maximum beauty and enjoyment. Investing in a few additional purchases will be well worth it when you see how it all comes together.

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