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December 4, 2019 chadh

What It Costs To Have a Professional Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

As with any home renovation project, it’s important to understand the cost before committing to hire a professional. While financial projections are valuable in order to budget wisely, there are other aspects to consider as well. 

Here are three factors to consider when deciding to have your kitchen cabinets painted.

Painted kitchen cabinets.

1. Time

It goes without saying that any substantial project requires a time investment. A professional will complete the painting project faster because they have the necessary equipment and products to ensure a smooth process.

It is easy to procrastinate or get discouraged when you tackle a project on your own. Hiring a professional means sacrificing only a few days rather than a few weeks until you can get back to your normal routine.

2. Inconvenience

While your kitchen may be largely off-limits for a few days while your cabinets are being painted, we make every effort to limit the inconvenience.

The contents of your cabinets can be left intact and covered, which omits a lot of hassle and gets you back into your kitchen more quickly. Additionally, your doors and drawer fronts will be spray-painted off site, so there will be less interruption to your life.

3. Pricing

A general guide suggests that the average cost to paint kitchen cabinets ranges between $2,600-$4,300, which is a helpful starting point when it comes to planning your budget.

Some contractors charge an hourly rate in additional to materials and supplies, while others quote a flat fee for the entire project.

The overall cost will depend on several factors, including:

  • Size of your kitchen
  • Number of doors and drawers
  • Whether the inside or outside of the cabinets (or both) will be painted. 

The best way to consider the cost of a project is to shift your focus from what it will cost you to how it will benefit you. Increased practicality, beauty, and value are the advantages of having your kitchen cabinets painted.

A few days of inconvenience are well worth many years enjoying the beautifully finished results.

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