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Cost To Paint A House


Not All Painting Contractors Are Created Equal

When assessing the average cost to paint a house, it’s tempting to choose a contractor who offers the lowest fees. Though you may have many expenses to consider as a homeowner, skimping on painting shouldn’t be one of them.

There’s a lot that goes into the average cost to paint the exterior and interior of a home — a company’s overhead, materials and labor — so you’ll want to make sure you choose a contractor that, while perhaps not the most expensive on the market, will provide you with quality work and won’t cut corners.

H Painting has provided quality service to the Lebanon Valley neighborhoods and surrounding areas since 1997, achieves the right balance between a fair cost and services rendered.

Average Cost of Exterior Painting

Exterior painters all charge different amounts for exterior home painting. The variance in exterior painting quotes is not always based on the actual cost of the painters labor and the paint products. We figured these numbers on a two coat paint job from quality painters. Basically what painters call a “Residential Repaint”. That includes that: all surfaces would be caulked, all bare areas spot primed, loose boards reattached, all exterior surfaces cleaned or otherwise power washed and two proper coats of high-quality exterior paint.

Factors that can make Exterior House painting more expensive

  • Heights – Distances requiring more than a ’24 ladder are much more difficult to paint. The third story of a home can often take as much effort as the first two exterior stories. Even exterior dormers are difficult to paint in comparison to large flat areas closer to the ground. Also, heights make painting more dangerous and require higher skilled painters and better equipment.
  • Obstacles – Some homes have many obstacles that make exterior painting much harder and more dangerous. Usually, obstacles that are especially cumbersome are large evergreen bushes, hot tubs, pergolas, and even steep sloping ground. These obstacles make the process harder and more dangerous and requiring better painters with better tools and painting knowledge.
  • Failing Paint – Peeling and failing paint or failing caulk causes much more prep work to arrive at a quality exterior paint job. Exterior prep work is essential and can take several painters an entire day or even more time to complete the paint job.
  • Multiple Colors – Exterior accent colors make the job more expensive. However, it may not raise the exterior paint quote by as much as you think. Especially on one story homes, accent colors can be a very dramatic improvement at a small cost. Many homes need at least one accent color unless you already have brick.

The following are general procedures we follow during interior paint jobs:

  • H painting will cover and protect all furnishings and floors.
  • Hardware will be removed and re-installed. This includes curtain rods, window latches, switch plates and cover plates. Door knobs, thermostats and alarm system hardware will not be removed.
  • We will scrape, patch and sand walls.
  • Before applying final coats, we will re-inspect and patch walls as necessary.
  • Wall and ceiling cracks will be filled with spackling compound. When the compound is dry, we will sand it smooth. More advanced cracks will receive an application of fiberglass joint tape, and will be spackled and sanded smooth.
  • We also will scrape and sand rough areas created by previous paint failure.
  • Glossy surfaces and trim will be sanded and cleaned to assure proper paint adhesion.
  • We will caulk cracks in wood trim and along wall/trim interfaces.
  • We will clean up and vacuum work areas at the end of each day. Debris will be taken away.
  • When the job is completed, unused paint will be labeled and left at the job site.
  • Wallpaper removal: Due to the concealed conditions of existing wall coverings, it may be impossible to estimate the labor of removal and preparation necessary to achieve a properly painted or wall papered surface. Under normal conditions wall covering can be removed properly without damage to the surface; however, sometimes the substrate has not been sealed properly or other hidden conditions may exist. Due to these factors, added labor and material cost may become necessary.

Interior Paint Preparation

We know that hiring interior painters and inviting them into your home to paint is an act of trust. Every day, on every job, our interior house painters earn the trust of our customers by making sure the painting project is completed correctly, promptly and with minimal interruption for the customer.

Our interior house painting services will make sure  to give your home or business the best interior painting you could dream of. Not only do we offer superior house interior painting, we also offer commercial interior painting. Our interior commercial painting will help your business sparkle and give it an appearance your clients will love!

Before we begin painting, you’ll meet the crew leader and other painters who will be working in your home.   Our painters use the right tools and equipment for the job and high-quality Sherwin-Williams paint (or the customer’s preferred paint) in order to ensure consistently good results.   Objects and surfaces that will not be painted will be covered and protected.We prepare the surfaces carefully, knowing that prep work is the most important part of any paint job. Only then do we begin painting. The result of all this preparation: A pleasant experience and a beautiful paint job to enjoy for years to come.

100% Customer Satisfaction:  Our owner, Chad Hellenthal, personally ensures that all of our projects include top-quality work and the highest customer service. We get to know our customers and learn what is important to them. We start and finish on time, maintain a neat, clean, work environment, and provide a total commitment to detail. We will deliver that promise every time to every customer. We are professional, prompt, friendly and honest.


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