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H-Painting friends and customers have the opportunity to earn a 5% referral bonus for referring H-Painting to others.  The amount of each bonus is based on the labor portion of any project completed because of a referral.  The referring individual will receive their 5% bonus within 10 days after completion of a preferred project.

Interested in easily making a bunch of referrals at one time?  Just “Like” H-Painting on Facebook by CLICKING HERE and then “Share” a post about H-Painting with all your friends.  For an added impact, tag a few of your closest friends in the post.   I make a habit of asking every new customer how they heard of H-Painting, so if your name comes up I promise to send your bonus if I complete their job.

Example Bonus:  The labor portion of a $1,500 job would be:

 $1500 x .05 = $75

The referring individual may choose to receive their bonus in the form of an Amazon Gift Card or a check from H-Painting.

  • There is no limit to the number of times an individual can take advantage of the referral incentive program.
  • It is up to the referring individual to apply for their referral bonus by completing the referral form (found below).

H Painting promises to faithfully honor the integrity of this referral program.  Please email chadhpainting@gmail.com if you have any questions and thanks in advance for your referrals.

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