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Staining Decks Services

Pressure washing your home is a smart investment. It increases both the value and beauty of your home.

Is your deck showing the effects of weather damage and age? Would you like to bring it back to its former beauty? H Painting can help. Your deck should be an outdoor living space where you gather with friends and family—not a place you have to worry about maintaining or a space that could cause injury.

H Painting has been pressure washing and staining  decks for over 20 years.  Whether the deck is wood, composite, or vinyl, all deck surfaces exposed to the sun and rain need to be periodically maintained by cleaning, staining, or sealing to prevent gray UV damage, mold, mildew, algae, oxidation, fading, splitting, and rot.

Many new deck owners have been told to allow their wood deck to weather for 1 year before staining or sealing it.  This simply is not true.  The wood on your deck should never be allowed to turn gray.  Gray wood on your deck is the result of the sun breaking down the natural glue in the wood called lignin.  Pressure washing, staining and sealing your wood deck will prevent this from happening.

Wood Decks

Whether the deck is new or old, we apply a deck cleaning solution to the wood surfaces to break up dirt and kill any mold, mildew, or algae that may be present.  We then pressure wash the deck surfaces to open up mill glaze(planer crush) on new wood, remove most of the UV damage on weathered wood, and clean the wood.  After the deck is dry, we then recommend 1 coat of a tinted translucent stain or sealer which will protect the deck surfaces from moisture and the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Wood decks should be pressure washed, stained, and sealed every 2-3 years.

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