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January 21, 2020 chadh

2020 Color Trends for Painted Cabinets

What goals do you have for your kitchen makeover? Use our design goals to help you define your ideal kitchen style.

As colors weave in and out of popularity, it’s helpful to know how to bring out the best in your own kitchen without sacrificing your individual personality. What vibe are you hoping to create?

Design Goal: Elegant

If elegance is the goal, think “brilliance and luster.” Steel gray or ice blue cabinets work well in both minimalist and modern kitchens. Natural light is your friend as it softens these crisp colors. Stainless steel appliances, metal pulls and a shiny back-splash all help to accentuate the classic feel of an elegant kitchen.

Elegant painted kitchen cabinets.

Design Goal: Fresh

If light and airy is your preference, then mint green, crisp white or light blue can help you hit the target. White subway tile remains the perfect backdrop to help tie your upper and lower cabinets together, creating a neat and clean image. 

Silver or white appliances keep this look from becoming too heavy, and an array of live hanging plants or succulents on your windowsill are the perfect accents.

Blue and white painted kitchen cabinets.G

Design Goal: Sophisticated

Matte black or navy-blue cabinets lend a rich, modern flair.  Gold accents or hardware really pop against these darker tones. White marble counter tops with gentle gray veining help to lighten the atmosphere, and geometric light fixtures work well overhead.

Black appliances blend nicely into the cabinetry without interrupting the flow of color.

Dark blue painted kitchen cabinets.

Design Goal: Warm

If a white kitchen suits your fancy, stick with a creamy yellow white. If you lean toward color, dense reds or terra cotta create a cozy feel.

Light wood flooring or overhead beams are the perfect way to ground your kitchen. A patterned back-splash or rug can introduce accent colors to pull it all together. 

Warm color painted kitchen cabinets.

Wrapping It Up

Your home should be a reflection of your personality, and color is one of the best ways to bring that to the forefront. Whether you consider yourself to be more modern or vintage in taste, consider how the right color can transform your kitchen into a space that expresses your unique style.

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