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Kitchen Cabinets

Most homeowners have two things in common.  They want to enhance and improve their homes, and they want to do it as inexpensively as possible.  Your kitchen is an excellent place to start, as it’s often referred to as “the heart of the home.” That’s an accurate description, since we spend many of our waking hours cooking, eating, conversing and creating memories around the table.  While upgrading a kitchen can be a costly renovation project, it also has the most potential to increase the value of your home.  Painting your kitchen cabinets is a relatively fast and cost-effective way to do so.  Here are four reasons why hiring a professional to paint your cabinets is a great idea.

  1. Painted cabinets are trending.

    While stained cabinetry held its ground for decades, the current trend is all about paint.  With a wide array of colors, hues and finishes to choose from, painted cabinets offer endless possibilities for making your kitchen a reflection of your individual taste and personality.  If your kitchen currently includes stained cabinetry, a minimal investment can give you an up-to-date look.  White or gray cabinets are increasingly popular as many homeowners favor a crisp, clean appearance for their kitchen, but for those who prefer to make a bold, original statement, nearly any color can be used to create visual impact.

  2. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a wise financial investment.

    Painting your cabinets will only cost you a fraction of the expense that new cabinetry would entail.  Additionally, the kitchen is the room credited most often with increasing the value of a home.  If you are concerned about a strong return on your investment, this is definitely the solution for you. If you own a rental property, freshening up your cabinetry will appeal to renters without cutting into your profits.

  3. A professional painter has the inside scoop.

    A painting contractor will know how to clean and prep the surface of your cabinets so the paint adheres properly, and he or she will have the correct equipment to guarantee a professional finish.  Your painter can also recommend products that will hold up under the regular wear and tear of a well-used kitchen.  Best of all, they are experts in the latest and greatest products on the market and can help you make wise financial decisions with long-term benefits.

  4. Your time and money will be freed up for other things.

    While painting your cabinets is a relatively fast and easy project, it would consume a good chunk of time to do it on your own.  A contractor has the necessary tools and equipment to do it quickly and efficiently.  Your time is valuable, so hiring a professional allows you to invest your energy in other things instead.  Additionally, choosing to repaint your cabinets rather than replacing them will save you money, which can then be put toward additional upgrades, such as new counter tops or appliances.

If you are building an addition to your home, changing the footprint of your kitchen, or dealing with cabinetry of poor quality or condition, these may be occasions when replacing or refacing your cabinets becomes a necessity.  But by and large, painting your kitchen cabinets remains a great option for most homeowners, and with the guaranteed “bang for your buck,” you can elevate the style and value of your home practically overnight.

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